Tenley Dexter has owned Australian Shepherds for 4 decades.  She has bred, trained and trialed dogs earning Champions and Reserve Champion honors in Cattle, Sheep and Ducks with her dogs at the ASCA Stockdog Finals.
She has trained and trialed multiple dogs including WTCH Beauwood's Kobi HXAsd (Aussie), WTCH C Hangin' 5 Annie's Breeze HXAcsd (Aussie), WTCH Makin' 8 Tuff E Nuff HXAcsd (Aussie), WTCH Makin' 8 Seeing Stars HIAc HXAsd (Aussie), WTCH Makin' 8 Skat Kat (Aussie) HXAsd, HIAc, HXBd, WTCH J Bar D Makin'8 Snip (Aussie) HXAsdc, HXBd, WTCH Makin' 8 Kate (Kelpie) in all venues including AKC, ASCA, AHBA, ASTA and USBCHA.

Makin'8 Skat Kat and J Bar D's Makin'8 Snip were 2011 ASCA Finals Champion and Reserve Sheep and Ducks and ASCA Nationals High In Trial. Makin'8 Tuff E Nuff, Makin'8 Seeing Stars and C Hangin' 5 Annie's Breeze were 2007 ASCA Finals Champion and Reserve in Cattle and Sheep and ASCA Nationals High In Trial. Makin' 8 Just a Dream was the High Scoring Started Sheep and Duck Dog at the 2011 ASCA Natls Trial.

Tenley has experience working with a wide variety of herding breeds and handlers of all levels, an exceptional teacher and stockdog handler, teaching students to work with their dogs using simple consistent communication to develop a teamwork approach to working their dogs.

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