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Available Livestock By State: 
Connecticut - Delaware - Maine - Massachusetts - New HampshireOhio
 New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - Vermont - Virginia


Tenley Dexter
Hair sheep for sale, slick coated, shed 100%, Katahdin x St Croix crosses.
Variety of sheep for sale at all times.
Experienced non registered Katahdin hair ewes, usually twin, good mothers, for breeding or to work and train dogs on as they are well dog broke and used to being worked.
They can always go in the freezer as cuts as well and should have a nice yield.
Gaylordsville, CT

Eunice Fuller Gluck V.M.D
Katahdin ewes, wethers and lambs and rams for sale. 
ph (860) 455-9960

 Lynnette R. Milleville
Nutmeg Farm
Portland, CT

I have Crane Creak Dopers and percentage Dorper cross Cheviots for sale


Suzanne White
Registered and grade stock
 2006 Solid Black (or with a touch of white) Katahdin lambs ~ ewes, rams, wethers. 
Health guaranteed, good parasite resistance, all vaccinations. Ready in August. 
207-845-2888  or 


Diane Menard
39 Allen Rd
508 347 7777
Stock for sale/lease occasionally-- St Croix and Katahdin cross sheep, 
dog broke sheep and lambs. 
Indian Runner ducks --Occasionally for sale or can raise to order.

Jan Berger
Two 2 year old maiden ewes for sale. Shetland/Leicester crosses in

excellent health and easy keepers. Dog broke as well.
Contact Jan at 978-948-2278 or lenjan1@verizon. net

I have 2 well dogged Kahtadin ewes for sale. They are great for test level work, but combined with lighter sheep work nicely at arena trial level. Asking $250 for the pair. They are housed in Wrentham, MA currently. They have been worked by a variety of breeds, BC's, Beardies, Rough Collies, Aussies and Pems.

FMI. Contact either Ann Andersen or Carol Donnelly

New Hampshire

Rodalyn Knox
Weare, NH
For Sale:
Three Shetland sheep from spinners flock. Two ewes, 3 years old this Spring.
One wether, 2 years old this Spring. Please call or email for price.
All have been worked with dogs.

Matt Mason, DVM 
Riverbank Farm
Salisbury, NH
Border cheviot sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, ducks and Registered Dexter Cattle available for sale or rental.

Beth Adams 
Katahdin cross hair sheep for sale. 
Contact Beth Adams, Winnicutt Rd, 
Stratham NH 


Frazier brook farm
Wilmot NH 
has the following rare goats for sale:  
 1 Arapawa buckling $250
1 San Clemente Island Goat doeling ($200)
 and 1 buckling ($150).

 Take all for $500!
Call Cheryl at 603-305-2916

Heidi Konesko

Southwest NH
For sale:  3 Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Males, wethered.  Have been worked with dogs. 
2 - 4 years old, ~ 50 lbs. each.  Nice goats, good grazers, I'm just not training herding any more.
603 835-9084

New Jersey
Diane Sobel-Meyer 
Outback Farm
 Deja Vu Australian Shepherds 
18 Stempert Road Branchville, NJ 07826 
St. Croix, Katahdin & Dorper crossed sheep, all ages & working levels, from knee knockers to lambs. (Ewes, whethers, rams).   
Diane Thompson
Jackson, NJ
Red & White Katahdin Ram $125   Born March 28, 2008     Very nice, easy to handle
Contact Karen 732-286-4056 or Diane 732-567-2053

Geary Loff 
Blairstown, NJ
WHITE DORPER Ram 3 years old, full-blooded, registered. Will settle  up to 100 ewes. 
Very calm with the flock, dog broke. From Crane Creek. 

New York

Liz Sharpe
Esperance, NY (about 40 minutes west of Albany)
Katahdin sheep for sale.  Email for photos, more information.
 Ram born March 2010.  Sire from University of Arkansas parasite resistance research flock.  Large framed, thrifty keeper, mellow disposition, respects dogs.  White with red speckles and markings.



Kathy Allen
Parkman, Ohio
Barb/Cheviot crossed ewes bred to a Dorper/St Croix/Katadin ram. Should start lambing in January.
Ewes are dog broke but not dead broke. Yearling ram is for sale also. Used to upstanding dogs. 

Karen Wimbush
Katahdin x Dorper cross lambs (ewes and rams) for sale. Born February 2012. Ewes are selected for twinning rate, shedding properties and parasite resistance.  Lambs have been lightly worked by dogs.  Many nice ones to chose from.
Contact: Karen Wimbush, at or 330-231-3574.


Chris Davies
Fly Away Field, New London, PA (Southeastern PA)
Stock sheep, ducks and occasionally cattle for sale

Shopes Katahdins 
Katahdins for sale in Central PA.
Meaty twins, triplets. Good mothers, productive, good hair coats. 
Using RR white rams from Stromquist WP Farm and a couple of our outstanding homebred rams. 
Registered or commercial. QR/RR ewe and ram lambs available.
A few adult ewes available. 

PUREBRED "Painted " BORDER CHEVIOTS from a rare black Border Cheviot. 
15yrs of selective breeding with beautiful results. 
Brenda @ 

Leslie Whitney
Kerales Farm 
Quakertown, PA 
Khatadin lambs born winter 08 Black, white, and mixed colors. 
Khatading ewes for sale, 2 years old, great mothers 
4 Polypay registered yearling ewes. Excellent fleeces, good mothers, free lambers. Great for working dogs. 
FMI Leslie  or 267-733-5118

Cynthia Knowlton 
Wellsboro, PA. 
Dog broke but still very light. Will work more if requested - $100 each. 
Call or check my web site at: 

Sharon Nunan 
Bernville, PA (Near Reading, PA) 
Sheepdog Training from Beginners to Advanced Providing Sheep from Dogged to Fresh, Heavy/Light 
70' Round Pen, 10 Acre Undulating Field, 2 Acre Paddock 
Email for more Info: 
Cell: 215-327-0135 



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